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My little girl had a fantastic time, the staff were AMAZING!!




We are the British Performing Arts Academy that helps build confidence, self-esteem and creativeness in children and young people through the art of acting, singing and dancing. 

We are more than a performing arts academy, we are a family; and our mission is to ensure that all performers who enrol, receive the support and warmth necessary to thrive within themselves whilst following a solid performing arts curriculum. 

Your child will receive professional support to reach specific goals whilst engaging with like minded children in a fun, energetic and professional environment. 

We currently have two sites for our weekend workshops: our main site which is based at the British International School (Ekeby) in Danderyd, and our second site located at the Futura Skola (Gashaga) in Lidingo. 

As we continue to expand our services, you may hear about us in your children's school, collaborating with other organisations or because of our wonderfully diverse summer school set for August 2020. 

If your child is looking to expand on their performance skills or you are hoping to gently encourage them into a discipline that is fun, expressive and confidence building, then you couldn't hope for more than what STAGES can offer. 

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming your child into the STAGES crew! 



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+44 07954135811

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